How you can help mozilla-inbound sheriffs when pushing

Since everyone loves not having to look at tbpl, I'd like to point out some basic hints to make mozilla-inbound sheriffs happier.  For any questions, or if you need help with the trees, ask to a sheriff in #developers IRC channel.

  1. Note pushed changesets in a new bug comment.
    • Otherwise sheriffs can't know you pushed N patches and M follow-ups.
    • So they can find your bug even if it has a wrong commit message.
  2. Set the bug's assignee, even if you're just pushing the patch.
  3. Set the target milestone to current mozilla-central (Nightly) version.
  4. Do not add [inbound] to the whiteboard.
    • This was required time ago, but it's no more.  Really!
  5. When backing out something, always note the backout in a new bug comment.
  6. If the bug should stay open on merge, just add [leave open]  to the whiteboard.
    • You don't need to write an essay in the whiteboard.
    • One day the merging process will be automated, stick to a standard!
  7. If the tree looks bad notify a sheriff or send a heads-up in #developers.
  8. Do not push no-bug patches, unless they are 101% safe.
    • No-bug is basically good only for whitespace/newline/comment fixes.
    • There is no way for the sheriff to annotate the backout or the merge.
    • Bugs are cheap.

Finally, thank you for all the appreciations that are daily sent to the sheriffs for their hard job, and all the help in monitoring, starring and backouts.

MaK Venerdì 23 Marzo 2012 at 08:11 am | | Mozilla-EN