Mozilla at the JS Day 2012 in Verona

Last week I was in Verona, along with Paolo Amadini and Tim Taubert, to represent Mozilla at this italian javascript event. Matteo Ferretti was also there with us, as a Mozilla speaker, presenting an interesting talk about the add-ons sdk.

I must admit the event overcame my expectations and that's really amazing! Many attendees came from all over Europe to participate to the JS Day, since this is one of the few european events really focused on javascript. Moreover, the success of the event perfectly represented the major increase of attention on javascript, and especially on HTML5 applications, from the italian community and enterprises.

keynote room

We had a really warm welcome, both from the staff and from all the people coming to our booth.  We discussed about our mission with the many persons who stopped asking questions and looking at the demos we brought and we got largely positive feedback.  Our mission is positively understood and embraced by who cares about the future of the Web.

Firefox banner

The most common arguments we got questions about were Boot2Gecko, the new Web APIs, Web Apps, the Marketplace and DevTools. We had some live demos about all of them, to actually show this is not just "future", but something they can start using soon. Everyone is really excited about the incoming products and features, so the most common question we got was "When will I be able to use it?" :)


Apart from the booth, that took most of the time, we were able to see a couple great talks (among which the Douglas Crockford keynote on programming style), get in touch with with persons looking forward to have Mozilla at future italian events, share arguments with other companies putting large efforts in HTML5 apps, frameworks and markets.

Social event

As a final thought, Verona is a really nice city, perfect place to spend some days hacking and learning about javascript, so I'm definitely looking forward for the next year.

MaK Martedì 22 Maggio 2012 at 3:51 pm | | Mozilla-EN
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