Update on periodic Firefox hangs

Currently released Firefox 8 beta includes fixes for the periodic hangs some users suffered, so you can now board the beta channel and leave your feedback on the issue, if you wish.

MaK Sabato 22 Ottobre 2011 at 05:25 am | | Mozilla-EN | Sei commenti
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Is your Firefox freezing at regular intervals?

We've identified a bug that may cause, under certain circumstances, periodic freezes of the Firefox UI, in terms of a short freeze every about 9 minutes. This only affects a small amount of users, so, if you don't notice this behavior, you can stop reading.


MaK Venerdì 30 Settembre 2011 at 09:27 am | | Mozilla-EN | 73 commenti

Changes to Places memory consumption, expiration and performances

As part of the Memshrink effort, we reduced the SQLite page cache used by Places.  This is not a leak, the page cache is actively used by SQLite to improve performances by reducing disk I/O. Originally Places was allowed to use a large cache (maximum 6% of physical memory, per connection), to ensure responsiveness of the awesome bar.


MaK Venerdì 02 Settembre 2011 at 08:45 am | | Mozilla-EN | Quattro commenti

Those boring 7 things...

Since I have been tagged at least by Tim Taubert and Dietrich Ayala, I feel like I can't escape anymore.


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Easier backout scripts

Based on the useful article from Ehsan Akhgari and the comments to that article (especially the nice suggestion from Daniel Holbert) and in the need for easier ways to backout stuff from mozilla-inbound, I've put together a couple scripts I use to easily (and more safely) backout, I'm going to share these with you, in the hope they may be useful and hopefully improved!


MaK Venerdì 05 Agosto 2011 at 2:59 pm | | Mozilla-EN | Nessun commento

A couple add-ons for Places maintenance

Listening to feedback I got from some user on my blog, I've put together a couple experimental restartless add-ons to solve some specific needs.


MaK Venerdì 05 Agosto 2011 at 2:37 pm | | Mozilla-EN | Otto commenti

A proposal for dropping Microsummaries

Microsummaries were suggested as a new Web feature many years ago, and have been supported since Firefox 2.0. In case you were wondering, they are an auto-updating short summary of a page stored as a bookmark (the page itself provides some basic additional information to power this).


MaK Mercoledì 13 Aprile 2011 at 07:00 am | | Mozilla-EN | Nove commenti

Analisi dei consumi dovuti al browser

Microsoft ha pubblicato un interessante articolo sui consumi di elettricità (e quindi di batteria se parliamo di dispositivi portatili) causati dal browser, il vincitore è Internet Explorer 9, ma Firefox segue a brevissima distanza, segno che l'impegno messo nel settore mobile ha pagato anche in ambito desktop. Entrambi i browser dimostrano un'attenzione ed un'ottimizzazione superiore alla concorrenza in questo importantissimo settore.

Battery life based on browser (Source IEBlog)

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