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  • A proposal for dropping Microsummaries
    Microsummaries were suggested as a new Web feature many years ago, and have been supported since Firefox 2.0. In case you were wondering, they are an auto-updating short s
  • About the recent Places refactorings
    Recently we have made some refactoring to Places source files in Minefield, the final scope is to have a smaller browser-only part and share more code in Toolkit for vario
  • Firefox 3.7 avrà una migliore gestione della cronologia
    La scorsa settimana ho implementato su mozilla-central un nuovo componente per la scadenza delle pagine dalla cronologia, i dettagli originali del progetto sono disponibil
  • Places got Async Expiration
    Last week, on Friday, i've pushed the last pieces of the new Places Expiration component . This was one of the Firefox Projects intended for 1.9.3 branch, you can find mor

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